“There’s a role on the offense for him (Westbrook),” “He’s Frank Gore’s backup. That’s his role.” – Raye on Westbrook’s role

“I’ve done this a long time,” Raye said. “This is my 34th year in the National Football League. I’m not flawless. I think I speak with good diction, I don’t garble anything. I think I speak with good diction, and I think I express myself pretty well. So whoever Yahoo is, maybe he should come and call the plays.” – Response from a Yahoo Sports Article

“Despite the (media) perception, you have to understand it’s a tackling drill where you are trying to teach stance and angles. … It’s not who’s tougher than whom.” – Nutcracker Drill

When Westbrook came to the 49ers, Raye said he did not know much about Westbrook, so he was going to have to see him in practice and decide how best to use him – On Why Westbrook didn’t see action against Seahawks

“When we got him, he didn’t know H from apple butter, but he’s come a ways from that point now, at least he’s got the S-H part of it” – Raye on rookie RB Anthony Dixon

It’s hard for me to scrutinize his playing when some of the circumstances surrounding it were not him. A lot of it had to do with missed assignments or people lined up wrong.” – Raye on Smith after Seahawks Loss

He does more with actions maybe more than words because when he tries it with words sometimes it gets a little – can get a little out of bounds – Raye on Vernon Davis Leadership

The continuity we have to have, we still haven’t had that … We haven’t gotten that all together yet – Raye on seeing team intact

I can’t get so enamored with trying to get some things done for Brian Westbrook that it doesn’t allow the offensive line guys to develop so we can stand up and play upright … All that will take care of itself as we go forward.” – Raye on Westbrook ability to get open against pass protection