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  1. Sign in here

    MN...His kid is freaking adorable.
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights

    Wonder if the media tag or YouTube Tag works.
  3. We are back live (Site updates and more)

    Keeping the colors simple. For now have one theme, but you can change the background. Look for the mountain like icon to the right of your profile in header
  4. We are back live (Site updates and more)

    Hugs EforTD
  5. Holics appreciation thread

    I got tons of twitter/Facebook messages. Emails from all you fuckers. Didn’t know you all loved us and would miss this shit so much.
  6. We are back live (Site updates and more)

    Shit. Just noticed that. Lol
  7. Mock Draft Games

    I'll have to do some more, have done a few but they werent that good.
  8. Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights

    Was testing youtube videos. looks like you should just be able to post the link and it will display video.
  9. We are back live (Site updates and more)

    Yes still working on all the comestic shit. Trying to figure out lots of it. Cause this new version has different things. Testing on mobile now. Looks good and seems easier and cleaner on it.
  10. We are back live (Site updates and more)

    I think some was my fault. I did not do a good job of making sure plugins were updated. Site Lock told me that it was malware which was redirecting traffic to other sites. So it wasn't really to much harmful, but enough for the host to shut us down. I now have better protection for the main site and invision board has better security in this version.
  11. We are back live (Site updates and more)

    Nice. Damn just going thru the most updated version of these boards. Damn lots of new shit. I like it. The new profile page for everyone is pretty sweet. Thanks for coming back after the shit we put you all through for a week or so.
  12. Holics....first off sorry for the delay on getting forums back up and running. The previous website was hacked and we got malware and the old host we had wanted us to pay hundreds to fix it. So I said fuck it and cancelled my account with that host and went to new host. So the forums are back. I'll continue on working on getting things back to how they were. Sorry you all had to register again, etc. All prior posts and stuff is lost. I could not even get into the prior host to get backups. So have patience and talk shit like always