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I will set you free

06 June 2015 - 03:29 PM

We shall be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


James Jones

04 May 2015 - 07:13 PM

Oakland is going to release him. Get it done now. I remember some of us wanted him a couple years ago. He still has some gas left in his tank. I'd be much more comfortable with a set of Anquan, Torrey, and James over the first two and anyone else on the roster.

Baalke's draft history

03 May 2015 - 03:50 PM

Not going to go back and look at picks and say he could have drafted him instead of him. So I am basing this off of who he actually drafted.

Anthony Davis (11)
Mike Iupati (17)
Taylor Mays (49)
Navorro Bowman (91)
Anthony Dixon (173)
Nate Byham (182)
Kyle Williams (206)
Phillip Adams (224)

Davis and Iupati have been anchors on the line for years. Bowman was the best inside linebacker before he got hurt.
Anthony Dixon was a great special teams player. The others had minimal or negative impact. Still can't believe Taylor Mays sucked that badly. Dude was awesome in college. Anyway 2010 was an excellent draft.

Aldon Smith (7)
Colin Kaepernick (36)
Chris Culliver (80)
Kendall Hunter (115)
Daniel Kilgore (163)
Ronald Johnson (182)
Colin Jones (190)
Bruce Miller (211)
Michael Pearson (239)
Curtis Holcomb (250)

Easier to talk about the guys who didn't do anything..Pearson, Holcomb, Jones, and Johnson. Majority of this draft class helped out a lot or will be continuing to help this team. Two solid drafts to start Baalke's tenure.

One of the worst drafts for any franchise in the last few years.

Eric Reid (18)
Tank Carradine (40)
Vance McDonald (55)
Corey Lemonier (88)
Quinton Patton (128)
Marcus Lattimore (131)
Quinton Dial (157)
Nick Moody (180)
BJ Daniels (237)
Carter Bykowski (246)
Marcus Cooper (252)

Jury is still out on Patton, Dial, Lemonier, Carradine, and McDonald. Reid is good, but can't avoid concussions. Moody has played decently when asked to. The defensive linemen of this class really haven't done anything and are trending in the wrong direction. McDonald has no hands and Patton has been non existent 90 percent of the time he's out there. Not looking good, but if a couple players turn the corner, this draft could be alright.

2014 and 2015 are still too early to judge. Eferyone here knows my stance on Ward. Hopefully one of the late round corners can stick on this team because the front office didn't really address that position this off season.

Overall Baalke has had good picks and bad ones. I think he's trending in the wrong direction though. He's managed one starter from his drafts since 2012 and that was the oft injured Eric Reid in 2013.

Well there is this

29 April 2015 - 10:06 AM


Which move hurt you most?

26 March 2015 - 03:08 PM

There are a handful to choose from.

Mine easily is Frank Gore departing. Almost wanted to cry because he mean't so much to the team and it's fans. He was always a true professional and it's too bad we have idiots running the show. For his sake I am glad he's getting to play with a properly run organization.