• Tito, Hand Tatum a Tissue

    Apparently Tatum Bell didn't like the way Mike Martz handled him in Detroit. Here are a few comments Bell had to say regarding Martz..

  • Jonas is Contagious

    It appears that the fragile state of Jonas Jennings is rubbing off on others. Left guard Adam Snyder left practice on Tuesday after injuring his...

  • Verdict is In: O’Sullivan to Start Again

    So much for the suspense this week. Mike Nolan has named his starter the Thursday's game against the Bears and JT O'Sullivan gets his third...

  • Jonas Jennings Injured Again

    Update: Nolan is reporting that Jennings had surgery today on a broken right knuckle and will miss the Bears game

  • Josh “Captain” Morgan

    A little photoshop fun with the new fan favorite Josh Morgan.

  • Aaron Rodgers has been O’Sullivanated

    It was supposed to be the game of the Alex Smith - Aaron Rodgers matchup, but instead it was the O'Sullivan show. The man who...

  • Gameday: 49ers vs Packers

    The Packers and Aaron Rodgers travel to San Francisco for the second game of preseason.

  • Audio: Martz on KNBR 08.14.08

    Mike Martz audio on KNBR where he talks quarterbacks and more.

  • O’Sullivan to Start Again

    Mike Nolan named the starter for the game against the Packers and it should come as no surprise that JT O'Sullivan was named the starter....

  • Afternoon Practice Cancelled

    Mike Nolan decided the cancel the afternoon practice today to give the players time to rest and heal up.

  • Q&A with Takeo

    Here is the transcript from Takeo's Q&A with the media on Monday. He talks about the Mike/Ted position, Patrick Willis and how San Francisco was...

  • Starting Quarterback Still Anyones Guess

    Another practice, another case of Nolan having no clue what he is doing with the quarterback situation. I was reading some Niner news today and...

  • Brandon Moore Cut

    The 49ers have cut linebacker Brandon Moore today. The 49ers have grown frustrated with Moore's play and feel it is better to cut him now...

  • Takeo Please Pick Up the White Courtesy Phone

    Update: The 49ers have announced that Takeo Spikes has signed a one year deal with the team.