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  • Beasts and Bitches: Pats @ 49ers

    This weeks Beasts and Bitches for the 49ers/Pats game are as follows. Sidenote, this was perhaps the easiest week to find bitches. Beasts: Frank Gore:...

  • Let York Know How You Feel

    Not sure if this will make a lick of difference, but for those out there that want a change at the head coaching position. Email...

  • TBC to Get PT?

    It looks like the injury to Manny Lawson will allow Tully Banta-Crap to suit up this weekend against his old team. Thanks Manny.

  • Beasts and Bitches: 49ers @ Saints

    So much for that two game winning streak. Here are this weeks Beast and Bitches in the loss to the Saints.

  • Beasts and Bitches: Lions @ 49ers

    Here are Beasts and Bitches for Week 3. The 49ers beat the Lions 31-13 to improve to 2-1.

  • Beasts & Bitches: 49ers @ Hawks

    I'm going to share with you all my Beasts & Bitches choices for this weeks game against Seattle...

  • Week Two Gameday Preview: 49ers @ Hawks

    I'm not going to sit here and waste your time with a whole bunch of who will win and here's why. The only thing that...

  • WTF Wednesday: Seahawks Favored by 7.5

    The line on the game this weekend has the Seahawks favored by 7.5

  • Tito, Hand Tatum a Tissue

    Apparently Tatum Bell didn't like the way Mike Martz handled him in Detroit. Here are a few comments Bell had to say regarding Martz..

  • Zak Keasey…Really?

    It may just be me, but why in the hell is Zak Keasey even an option at fullback. Is this seriously the guy the team...

  • Dr O’Jekyll and Mr O’Hyde

    It seems that JT O'Sullivan has to much of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde makeup. At times he looks horrid and other times he...