No truth to the rumor that Andrew Luck wants out of Indy, or is there?


The Colts franchise quarterback isn’t saying much these days. Can we believe his agent that he has no desire to be traded from what appears to be an increasingly dysfunctional franchise?



Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and his team are at a crossroads. What was once a match made in heaven could be on a path to the divorce from hell. After being drafted #1 overall in the 2012 NFL draft, Luck led the Colts to three straight 11-5 records and two AFC South division titles.


Since then the All-Pro quarterback has been anything but an All-Pro. In 2015 he played in just seven games after starting the first 57 of his NFL career. The Colts record that season with Luck at the helm was a paltry 2-5.


2016 wasn’t much better although it did offer more in the way of games started. That year his team finished with an 8-8 record and missed the playoffs for the second straight season.Luck had surgery for a partially torn labrum in his right shoulder after the season ended.


Since that time Luck has remained mostly silent while the Colts have given veiled responses to his recovery and the timeline we can expect to see him playing again. After he was inactive for the Colts week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Rams and the manner in which they lost, one might ask why would Luck want to come back to the dumpster fire that is Indianapolis?


Mike Greenberg who along with Mike Golic hosts ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike made this comment on Wednesday in regards to the situation,


“I’m not sure if I want to use the word ‘rumor’ — there is sort of a general sense that you hear from people around the league if you talk to people who cover the sport of football right now, that there is an ever-widening gap between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts,”


That would seem to leave a great deal to the imagination as it pertains to Luck suiting up in a Colts uniform again this season or any other season for that matter. Greenberg went on to say,


“That his unhappiness and … perhaps some familial unhappiness stems back beyond this. That maybe he felt he played when he wasn’t 100 percent healthy. He’s not playing now.”


Of course, Lucks agent, who is also his uncle, Will Wilson has come out in the aftermath of the Greenberg comments and effectively (it would seem) squashed any and all rumors about his client/nephew. Wilson says that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors that Luck wants to escape Indianapolis.


What if however, the Colts want to escape from Luck? He is 28-years old, apparently is showing a penchant for being injured (of course none of that is Indy’s fault, right?) and have done little to nothing to make things safer for their franchise QB.


Again the Colts are bad, and while there are some teams in the league who hold that same distinction, owner Jim Irsay might have the worst of the worst. Head coach Chuck Pagano has been through so much the last few years that it might be time for him to simply hang up his headset. I’m not sure how a coach can lose his team one week into the regular season but Pagano might just have figured out the formula.


Of course, the current state of affairs in Indy was set in motion some time ago. They did little to address their needs along the offensive line and in the running game. These are two things Luck needs to get back to elite status.


This team could be on a one-way path with the #1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. If that happens, a whole slew of options opens up and they could seriously look to draft a new franchise quarterback in the form of USC QB Sam Darnold for example. The Colts moved on from one oft-injured QB in 2012 when they drafted Luck, what’s to say they wouldn’t do it once again?


Enter the San Francisco 49ers and their head coach/general manager tandem, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. The 49ers are a team that while they have their share of problems and have missed on numerous quarterback choices since 2005, appear to be on an upswing.


Shanahan is a savvy offensive mind who has proven that he can take a good quarterback and make him great. If he was to find himself with the opportunity to go from journeyman signal-caller Brian Hoyer to franchise altering Andrew Luck, the 49ers rebuilding project would see an immediate infusion on its way back to respectability.


Picture it with me if you will. The Colts continue their horrid play, something that is almost a foregone conclusion based on their many holes and Pagano likely seeing his last days leading the team. They secure the #1 pick in next year’s draft and use it to select Darnold or one of the quarterbacks coming out who are viewed at potential franchise pieces.


With this decision made weeks earlier, they begin shopping Luck, with the knowledge that they are going to acquire quite a haul of picks for their trouble. If I’m the 49ers, I jump all over this and make the deal.


Yes, it would likely take the team’s first-round picks in 2018 and 2019, not to mention multiple second and third rounders in both years as well. The question then becomes would Lynch elect to part with that much draft capital when his team is in dire need of talent? It’ a difficult case to make when adding up the loss of picks making it even harder for the 49ers to be competitive again.


What good is Luck in a San Francisco uniform if they lack the draft picks to upgrade the pieces around him? Most notably the offensive line and receivers. The situation would be no different from the one the quarterback is faced with now and more injuries would almost certainly be on the menu.


I’ll say now that this trade scenario will almost assuredly not come to fruition, but one can dream. Just the thought of Shanahan being teamed up with Luck is cause to make even the most tepid fan salivate.


A more likely and almost guaranteed outcome will be the 49ers finishing with a top 3 pick at season’s end and using that pick on the quarterback that Lynch and Shanahan see as the future of the franchise.