Gabbert beats Fangio


Somewhere Jed York is smiling.

The 49ers went on the road and won their first road game of the season in overtime, thanks in part to a 34 yard touchdown run by Blaine Gabbert and a 71 yard touchdown to Torrey Smith…well it didn’t hurt that Robbie Gould shanked a game winning field goal.

I know there are a good amount of fans that wanted that loss to insure a nice draft slot, but a win is a win and anytime that happens it feels good. Especially against two people the 49ers passed over for their HC gig. Adam Gase and Vic Fangio. That certainly has to hurt the media’s narrative this week, don’t you think.

I know Fangio has to be pissed. He probably had this game circled on his calendar all year.

Fun facts:
– First road win of the season.
– First road win by Gabbert outdoors.

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  • Jonny Diaz

    Also…first regular season win in Chiacgo since 1976.