49ers Defense Wins 16-10


First off I just want to thank the San Francisco 49ers for winning this game today. Outside of the first series they played there asses off.

They intercepted Eli Manning five times and put the 49ers offense in position to win this game big, but the 49ers offense shit the bed again and could only scrounge up 16 points. I understand a win is a win, but the offense better pull their heads out of their asses quick. They can’t keep relying on the defense to win it for them week in week out.

I know I need to take a deep breath and enjoy this win, but this game should not have come down to late heroics again from the defense. I can’t say it enough. Eli Manning threw five interceptions and you only win by 6. I’m sorry, but that is unacceptable.

The 49ers move into a tie in 2nd place after the Seahawks fell to the Chiefs. They have the Redskins next weekend and should be heading into the Thanksgiving matchup at 7-4 against the Seahawks.

Let’s hope by then the offense can finally get their shit together.

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  • amocat00

    If the offense hasn’t gotten it together after 11 weeks, well……..