Vernon Davis Discusses Holdout and More


Vernon Davis is filling in for Peter King this week and wrote an article for Monday Morning Quarterback and in it he talks about why he is holding out and more.

Why he is holding out

In 2010 I signed a five-year, $37 million contract extension with $23 million guaranteed. It was the biggest contract for a tight end in league history. Four years later, and I’m playing at a higher level than I was then, which brings me to why I’m holding out. It’s all about getting paid what you deserve. It’s not that complicated. I want the 49ers to win the Super Bowl, and I want to be on the field this summer working towards that goal, but I have to worry about my future first. Most of my teammates and many players in the NFL understand that. A few don’t. Behind closed doors, they’ll say they’re all about the team and would run through a brick wall for the organization. But when you look closer, they’re doing things to contradict themselves. I can’t listen to anyone but my family and my advisors, because those are the people who are going to be there when football inevitably dumps me.

Vernon also talks about the NFC Championship game and who he feels is the best QB in the league not named Colin Kaepernick.

Read Vernon’s full article in MMQB…

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  • Donnie Newell

    37 million puts your family in jeopardy? What are you trying to say Vernon?,you already have enough for 10 not sure I get it.