LaMichael James on the Trade Block


According to a source a league source, the 49ers have been shopping running back LaMichael James. The 49ers used a second round pick on LaMike in the 2012 draft.

The 49ers hoped he would be able to spell Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter, but with the addition of Marcus Lattimore last year and outside of a fumble in the Super Bowl and well that’s about it. LaMichael has just been taking up space on the bench and the roster.

This trade talk shouldn’t come as a surprise, if you follow LaMichael on twitter you would have seen all the bitching he did about playing time, etc. But of course if you ask LaMichael nothing on his twitter is about football.

Anyway not sure what the 49ers can get for LaMichael, but it’s obvious he isn’t in the future. Now let’s see what LaMichael has to say about the trade rumors.

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