Harbaugh Speaks


Did you hear the one about Harbaugh not coaching the 49ers next season?

Did you hear the one about Harbaugh turning down the Browns offer to trade for him?

Did you hear how General Manager Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh only speak through email?

Did you hear the one about how Jim Harbaugh is a ‘Power Monger,’ who wants more GM type duties?

Well, we all have heard that and if you listen to what Jim Harbaugh told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated, he too has heard all that as well.

Rosenberg talked with Harbaugh and they spoke about all the things being said about him in the past couple weeks. Here are the quotes from Harbaugh.

A scenario where Harbaugh leaves before his contract runs out?

“No,” … “Zero opportunity or chance of that in my mind.”

“I see all these reports about how I want to be the highest-paid coach in football,” Harbaugh said. “They presume I covet some kind of extension. I have never said to anybody that I want to be the highest-paid coach in football. I have never said that to anybody — my wife, my brother, my dad. I make plenty of money.

“The other one is that I want more power. I have never said that, nor do I want any more power than I have. I coach the team. I’ve told my owner I don’t want any more power. I want to coach the team. And I’ve never told anybody else otherwise.”

Regarding the structure in place with GM Trent Baalke.

“Same things I signed on for when I signed on here as the coach,” Harbaugh said. “That’s been the structure since Day 1.”

“We’re both demanding and we want to be accountable for ourselves, for each other,” Harbaugh said. “If you haven’t had a brother, you probably don’t understand the relationship between the GM and the head coach. We’re partners on the same team. I have great respect for him. He works extremely hard at it and is very good at it. We are all part of a team. I believe in the structure we have. I don’t want to change anything that we do in that regard.”

Reports that Harbaugh and Baalke don’t communicate.

“We talk daily, hourly.”

How does Harbaugh feel about reports of him wanting more power.

“No. I’ve never wanted more power. We have a great organization. Everybody in our organization works their tails off and does a very good job. Everybody does a little and adds it up to a lot.”

More on the ‘zero’ change of him leaving before his contract is up.

“It’s a principle to me that you never negotiate contracts in the press,” he said. “It doesn’t benefit anybody to do it publicly. I’m making this exception in talking to you right now and saying I’m not trying to get more money for myself. But I make plenty of money. I have plenty of security. If we have the highest-paid assistant coaches in football, the best coaches in football, I strive for that. Guilty as charged there.”

And finally about that whole Browns trade thing.

“There was never any opportunity to leave the San Francisco 49ers,” he says. “If that existed, it existed in somebody else’s mind, not mine. I am too fond of my team, the players, the coaches. I really feel like we have one of the best, if not the best organizations in football.”

Well, there you have it. Of course, the media will somehow take what Harbaugh said and turn it into a whole other ordeal.

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