Boldin Laughs at Ann Killion and Mike Florio Report


For those that didn’t hear, there are apparently some key players of the 49ers who are growing ‘tired of Harbaugh’s act.’ Well, that is what the Ann Killion’s and Mike Florio’s of the world want you to think.

Guess what? It took the likes of re-signing Anquan Boldin to put an end to the whole ‘Harbaugh is losing the locker room drama.’ After the new deal for Boldin was officially announced he spoke to the Bay Area Media and had this to say about ‘Harbaugh’s act.’

“When I did hear about it, I kind of laughed because it was exactly that: I don’t think anyone in our locker room has an issue with coach Harbaugh,” Boldin said. “And the way our locker room is built, we have an open-door policy. If anybody has a concern or wants to voice their opinion, they’re more than welcome to. There have been times where we have voiced our concerns as players and coach Harbaugh has listened to and taken into consideration how we felt as players.

“So I don’t there’s any rift between players and coaches, particularly coach Harbaugh. Like I said, he has a great rapport with all the guys that I know of. I’ve heard of no griping in the locker room when it comes to coach Harbaugh. Like I said, he’s a guy that wants to win. And everybody in the locker room wants to do the same thing. We’re pretty much usually on the same page and if we’re not, we have it to where we can go talk to him and he listens to us.”

“Me and (Harbaugh) were able to talk about anything. I just like his demeanor. The way he approached the game. I’m the exact same way. So I think we mesh pretty good. Like I said, he was just good to me the entire year.”

Of course after Boldin responded, Mike Florio quickly back pedaled and made it look more of Ann Killion and not himself, but of course that isn’t surprising.

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