Salary Cap Increase Puts 49ers Around $13 Under Cap

49ers Sitting at $13 Mil Under Cap

Adam Schefter reported earlier in the week that the projected salary cap for the 2014 season was going to be around $130 million. Today, John Clayton is reporting that the projected salary cap will be at $132 million. Last year the cap was at $123 million, so with the increase it gives teams an extra $9 million for this season.

With the increase the 49ers are sitting at around $13 million under the cap. This bodes well for the 49ers as this gives them more room to extend the contract for Anquan Boldin and prepare for future extensions with Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree and Aldon Smith.

Along with the $13 million the 49ers could save an additional $5 million in cap space if they were to release Carlos Rogers. I’d expect them to ask Rogers for a paycut and if he refuses, then he’ll most likely be let go and the 49ers will be sitting around $18 mil under cap, which is more than enough to keep their key players on the roster.

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    I read this as thirteen dollars under the cap, and figured “yeah, sounds about right.”