Levi’s Stadium Season Opener: Sunday Night Week 2?


According to Eric Branch, the early word for the first regular season game at Levi’s Stadium will be a Sunday Night game, the second week of the season. That’s right it appears as if the 49ers will open the 2014 on the road.

We already know that the Seahawks will open the season at home on Thursday night. so does the NFL schedule the 49ers for that game and draw huge ratings or wait for those matchups later in the season. I think the NFL should hold off on a 49ers-Seahawks matchup until later in the season, but the NFL may want to start the season off with a bang. Not sure there is any matchup in the game bigger than the 49ers-Seahawks.

As for who the 49ers might open Levi’s Stadium against, I’m going to say that the NFL schedules the Kansas City Chiefs for that Sunday Night game. The opening of Levi’s Stadium with Alex Smith coming back into town, NFL could only hope for better storylines.

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