An ILB Wins Defensive Player of the Year and it’s not NaVorro Bowman


I didn’t think NaVorro Bowman would win Defensive Player of the Year, but since the award went to Inside Linebacker Luke Kuechly, you have to shake your head and wonder what in the hell the voters were thinking. Kuechly is a good player, but he isn’t even the best Inside Linebacker in the game. NaVorro Bowman is better, hell if you are talking numbers Buccaneers, Lavonte David is even more deserving than Kuechly. Bowman didn’t even get 1 vote. It just goes to show the voters don’t watch football.

Not only did Bowman get the shaft, but they listed this years Hall of Fame inductees and Charles Haley and Eddie DeBartolo did not make it. Again, it’s obvious the voters don’t know what the hell they are even voting for.

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