Deadspin Gets Kaepernick to Talk, Somewhat


It’s not to often you get more than a ‘Yes or No’ answer from Colin Kaepernick, but the people over at Deadspin, seemed to get a little more than that. Kaepernick was a ‘surprise guest’ at Deadspin’s Super Bowl Party and he sat down and answered a few questions from Drew Margary.

Hey Colin, can I get you over on the couch in a couple minutes? To sit. Nothing weird.

“All right.”

We went over by the couch, but did not sit on it.

Are you staying in town for the game?

“No, I’m leaving right before the game.”

Are you gonna watch the game?


Too painful?

“Yeah. Can’t watch that [laughs].”

Did your performance in the NFC title game anger you?

“The two turnovers before that [last pick] were stupid. The last one was like … it hits you. ‘Cause if you throw it a foot farther, we’re in the Super Bowl and everyone’s like, ‘Oh that’s the greatest comeback ever! You’re a great quarterback!’ But I’m gonna play to try to make a play.”

Did you talk to Crabtree about Sherman afterward?

“Not really.”

Did you give a shit about what Sherman said? Did it bother you?

“Oh, I think so. I hadn’t heard Crabtree say anything about him. Anything personal. And for you to come out in an interview that was .… The question wasn’t even directed toward that, and you just went off on a tangent. Just like, ‘Oh, you’re a mediocre receiver’ and this and that. Really? You’re gonna call him a mediocre receiver?”

When you know he’s not. He’s pretty good!

“Exactly. You forgot last year … when he went for a hundred on you when we played you guys up here? Come on.”

Did you ever see the side-by-side comparison of your Instagram account and Russell Wilson’s Instagram account?


What’d you think of that?

“You can skew anything to make it look how you want to look. I have pictures with kids from the charity I work with. I have pictures of my family. I have pictures of fans. You just took the ones you wanted to make it look a certain way.”

Did you bitch out Harbaugh about his pants?

“[Laughs.] We’re gonna try and get him some different ones. We’re gonna try to switch it up for him.”

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