That Crabtree-Sherman Fight, Yeah Sounds Like Sherman is Full of Crap


I’m sure everyone has heard about the incident that took place at Larry Fitzgerald’s charity event during the offseason, between Michael Crabtree and Richard Sherman. Where according to Branton Sherman, the brother of Richard Sherman, Richard went to shake Crabtree’s hand and Crabtree allegedly tried to start a fight. Yeah, about that.

According to an article in a person has come forward who has no relationship with either Sherman or Crabtree and that person says that it was the other way around and that Sherman was the instigator and not Crabtree.

“The handshake part is legit,” the source said, “but it was Sherman who tried to start the fight with Crabtree. I remember ’cause Sherman kept getting in his face and Crabtree was just laughing about it.”

The source goes on to say they aren’t sure what started the tussle, but that whatever it was Sherman was the one who was angry that night.

“I can’t shed a ton on it because I didn’t hear any of it,” the source said. “I actually like Richard and he was a real nice dude at the event and the game. I can only say it appeared from body language that Sherman was the instigator in it, not Crabtree.”

Of course, this is all a he said/she said situation. Those that are fans of Richard Sherman will believe Branton and those that are fans of Crabtree will believe the source. But you just have to look at the past behavior of Crabtree and Sherman to know which one is the one that started something that night.

Yes, I’m pointing the finger at the ‘Person who says he doesn’t want to be a villian,’ which is Richard Sherman.

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