49ers Knock off Packers, Now Head to Carolina


First off let me say that these nail biting games are killing me. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I really can’t take anymore of them. With that said however, I love it when the 49ers are on the winning side of the close games.

The 49ers went to Green Bay and beat the Packers in their house, in weather below zero. Is it save to say that right now the 49ers own the Packers. Back to back seasons where the 49ers have beat the Packers to start and end their season. Colin Kaepernick is 3-0 against them and shall be dubbed the ‘Packers Slayer.’

Kaepernick last season ran for 181 yards against them and this postseason he rushed for 98 yards to go along with 227 passing yards. When the 49ers needed him to step up the most he did. Five minutes to go he orchestrated the drive that setup Phil Dawson’s game winning field goal. That is back to back games where Kaepernick got the team in position to win the game.

[box_dark]”I mean he was just clutch,” said Jim Harbaugh, “Colin Kaepernick – I think we can all agree is a clutch performer. This is not his first time doing this.”[/box_dark]

The funny thing is before the game analyst Marshall Faulk said that Frank Gore is the one who is clutch and the one that carries the team on his back. I think Colin just gave Marshall a big FU.

The 49ers travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers on Sunday. If 49ers beat the Panthers they would advance to their third consecutive NFC Championship Game and either travel to Seattle or host one last game at Candlestick.

Quick Hits

– Vernon Davis is now tied for 2nd in NFL postseason history for most TD receptions by a tight end.
– Jim Harbaugh became the first coach since 1970 to win 13+ games (including playoffs) in his first three seasons as a head coach.
– Colin Kaepernick has the 2 of the top 5 rushing performances by QB in postseason history. He is No. 1 (181) & No. 5 (98) on the list.
– In three wins against the #Packers last two seasons, Colin Kaepernick has 1,201 total yards.
– 49ers defense held Aaron Rodgers to 177 yards passing.

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