49ers – Seahawks Rivalry: It’s On


The rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks has become possibly the best thing to come out of the NFL divisional reshuffle of 2002. Even though for a long time both teams had trouble competing in the NFL, the games between the teams always seemed to have a little significance. All of the teams in the NFC West have had success in the last decade, but right now, it is the 49ers and the Seahawks that dominate the division. The Rams have had injury problems that have made a potentially potent team look mediocre and the Cardinals have managed to be unimpressive year after year.

This weekend we will see a league-leading Seattle team travel to Candlestick Park and take on the resurgent San Francisco team. Earlier in the season the 49ers got spanked at Century Link field in a game that was dominated by the 12th man, Seattle’s vociferous fans. This time the 49ers’ fans have promised to give their opponents a similar reception. The series has given fans plenty of opportunity to trash talk each other and the opposing supporters have given each other interesting monikers. The 49ers call the Seahawks the Sea-hacks or the She-hawks and the Seattle fans often refer to the 49ers as the 40-whiners. Message boards are full of funny and creative insults and images that deride their opposition. It is almost all in good humor and the entertainment factor just adds to the rivalry.

Sunday’s game should be a great one and the winner may find themselves pushing towards a strong playoff run. San Francisco need the win to make sure that they get in and Seattle will be looking to secure home field advantage as early as possible. The Seahawks appear to be the stronger team but if you’re a 49er fan and you see your team lose on Sunday, you need not worry. There is a strong possibility that the teams will face each other again in the playoffs.

What are your thought on the game and the rivalry in general?

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