Seahawks Fan Uses Make-a-Wish Batkid to Trash 49ers Fans


First off, I’m all for good trash talking between rivals, but when it comes to using the event of a lifetime for a 5-year old battling leukemia to trash talk your rival, then you have crossed a line.

For those that are not aware, San Francisco was turned into Gotham City for a day, thanks in part to lots of volunteers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They granted a 5-year olds wish to become Batkid. He got to save the damsel in distress and take down the Penguin, Riddler and more. Basically for a couple hours thousands made this kid’s dream come true.

The sad part is it took only one tweet from a Seahawks fan to ruin the mood. Chris Stearns whose twitter handle is @stearnsseattle responded to a tweet from Bay Area writer Kyle Bonagura whose has been providing updates on Batkid. Kyle tweeted this

and then Chris Stearns responded with this.

Stay Classy Chris Stearns. Again I’m all for trash talking rivals, but when it comes to an event like this keep those snide comments to yourself.

Oh and for those that would like to know more about Chris Stearns. He is a Navajo Native American lawyer and former two-term chair of the Seattle Human Rights Commission. I have to say the Seattle Human Rights Commission must be proud.

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  • J_Valentine

    How many parades have seahawk fans seen?

  • WillieMaysHayes

    Of course, he’s deleted it already. Takes a special kind of cowardice to be a grown man & say something like that, and then delete it immediately in the face of criticism.

  • Tim Conklin

    Really? A nonsense tweet like this and you assholes post his information. For what? Someone to hunt him down?

    This is the hypersensitive bullshit sweeping this country. He said NOTHING that was “anti child with leukemia”.

    For fucks sake this nonsense has to stop. Too many fucking assholes in this nation.

    • Robert Johnson

      Starting by you.

      • Tim Conklin

        What is that supposed to mean?

    • WillieMaysHayes

      Did he post it on a public website or not? His “information” was just the account he used – you make it sound like this site posted his home address and phone number, toughen up a bit. For someone so anti-“hypersensitive bullshit,” you appear to be really worked up over this.

  • Nev

    Overreaction. If he said anything about the child, I could understand this article. But, it’s pretty harmless. I see this as a reach to find something wrong with Seattle’s fanbase, just like I’ve seen many times before over the past couple years. This is coming from a Lions fan, so no bad blood for me personally with San Francisco; just don’t like how the fans have gone about this rivalry with Seattle.

  • 12th Woman

    And this is different or any better how???? The information provided was more than an account it was a name and employer. People need to quit encouraging attacks on others.

  • Seahawks_fan


  • jojodes 12th WoMAN

    i think the write of this article made a bigger deal out of it than it was. plus the comment was posted in reply to “is this a parade?” comment under said photo..

    • Xyz

      No…the RT means retweet. Not “reply”

  • Pachesky

    people give too many shits about other people that they will never even come into contact with. See about making your own life perfect before belittling someone else over a stupid tweet.

  • Chinaman

    Let’s keep this real…. Superbowl Victories

    Seattle Seacicocks = 0
    San Francisco 49ers = 5

    Do The Math!
    Nuff’ Said

  • Common Sense

    the fact that you’re making this is an issue is objectively dumb. this post is way too desperate.

  • Mandrew

    It was a snide comment, big deal. I mean we beat them last week so obviously Seahawks fans are sore. Its not like he insulted Batkid or the Make a wish foundation. In fact he promoted them in saying the Gotham for a Day event was significant and worthy of recognition! Lighten up people, its christmas. Plus, you think Batman and Batkid took offense to petty things like this? No way, like water off a bats back! Got to be thick skinned to be a superhero!