LaMichael James Doesn’t Know When to Shutup


LaMichael James once again is not using twitter to the best of his ability. Not long after the Patriots/Panthers game LaMichael James had this to say regarding a tweet by former 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams. Who knows if he’ll end up deleting that tweet, but with the power of the internet we have a screencap of said tweet.

He also had this tweet about Ted Ginn. After reading it it sounds like he thinks the 49ers did not know how to use him.

Wonder how long until LaMichael James and Anthony Dixon go the way of Brandon Jacobs…

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  • Screaming on the Sidelines

    Harbs can’t control himself or his locker room.

  • Hoosgow

    Harbaugh is losing the locker room – for not giving players a chance. Bye-bye LMJ.

    • destro

      i don’t hear the locker room I hear a third string back who needs to earn his touches

      • Hoosgow

        Like you would know. Here’s another clue Harbaugh has lost the locker room – the way the team plays.