Kyle Williams Finally Released…


According to NFL Insider Adam Caplan the 49ers will release wide receiver Kyle Williams today.

Williams was drafted by the 49ers in 2010 and was given every opportunity to stick with the team as a wide receiver and/or return specialist. He failed at both. Most remember his fumble in the NFC Championship Game which sent the New York Giants to the Super Bowl instead of the 49ers. Since that moment Kyle never quite got his confidence back and most importantly he lost fan support.

The team did not give up on him after that and gave him another shot at returning punts, but it seemed from that moment on Kyle turned into Mr. Fair Catch. On the receiving side of the ball he never got a good rapport going with Colin Kaepernick.

Jeff Deeney of Pro Football Focus shared these numbers regarding Williams and Kaepernick’s numbers.

I for one will not miss Kyle, I still have ill will towards him from that Championship game. The team will move forward with LaMichael James at the return spot and hopefully he fairs better than Williams.

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