49ers fall to 6-4 after loss to Saints


If you told me the 49ers would lose after holding Drew Brees and Co to only 23 points in the Dome. I would have laughed. Well the 49ers defense did just that and they lost again for their fourth loss on the season.

The defense and special teams got the 49ers offense in position to put 17 points on the board and when it was up to the offense to move the ball and get the go ahead they failed. Colin Kaepernick was remedial once again. He was 17 of 31 for 127 and 2 touchdowns. Outside the touchdowns his performance was pitiful.

At this point I’m not sure if it is Kaepernick or the plays Greg Roman is calling that is holding back this offense. All I know is whatever it is needs to be fixed quickly, this offense is really starting to look bad. In fact, it may be the worst in the NFL.

I know the Saints got help from the referees late in the game on a BS penalty on a sack/fumble by Ahmad Brooks, that should have sealed the win for the 49ers. It should not have gotten to that point. The offense had opportunities to put the game away and just like the Panthers game, they failed to do so.

The 49ers are now tied with the Cardinals for second place in the West, with the Seahawks holding a 3.5 game lead. The 49ers need to get the offense on track and win out to hope for the Wild card.

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