Baalke Speaks: LaMichael James, Aldon Smith and more


The 49ers beat writers received a special treat today in London, the group sat down and spoke with General Manager Trent Baalke for two and half hours.

On the docket were questions regarding Aldon Smith, LaMichael James and trading for a wide receiver.

When asked about LaMichael James, the running back who has shown frustration on twitter. Baalke had this to say.

[box_dark]You’d be disappointed if a player wasn’t playing and wasn’t frustrated because of it.[/box_dark]

And if LaMichael is on the trade block and the overall picture for James.

[box_dark]’We’re not interested in trading LaMichael…LaMichael is a key player and there will be a time, sooner or later, to (contribute).’

‘When he’s gotten the opportunity, I think you have seen his abilities…But, yet, you’re looking at Frank, who is going to be the workhorse, and rightfully so. He’s one of the best backs of all time. And certainly one of the best inside runners of all time…When you’ve got a crowded backfield, you can only bring so many guys to the active roster. And you have a guy like Anthony Dixon, who was so valuable on special teams that he’s going to be up. And you have a fullback (Bruce Miller). Our offense is a fullback-driven offense. That player is on the field a lot for us, and he’s also a member of special teams. So there are only so many guys you can dress, and that plays a big factor into his current role with this football team.’

Baalke discussed the wide receiver position and from the sounds of it with Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree coming back soon, the 49ers will most likely not trade for another wide receiver. But Baalke didn’t rule out a trade completely.

[box_dark]’You never know what tomorrow brings with respect to personnel and your roster…You’re always looking.'[/box_dark]

And finally, Baalke’s thoughts on Aldon Smith. Baalke is ‘hopeful’ that Aldon can return this season. He did not set a timeframe on his return.

[box_dark] ‘Our ultimate goal hasn’t changed: help Aldon get back to a place he feels very comfortable and move forward in a very positive manner…We’re obviously hopeful (for a return after the bye). At the same time, we’re prepared for either outcome.’
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  • Dave Hinrichs

    2 1/2 hours of interviewing with no decisive responces. I love it, NOT!