49ers vs Cardinals: Quick Gameday Preview


The Cardinals begin the 2013 season with a new head coach, new quarterback and new expectations. Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer both came in to change the culture in Arizona and bring them back to a Super Bowl after falling into anonymity since their last trip in 2008 and have done just that. With them leading the way the Cardinals have risen to 3 – 2 and are currently one game out of first in their division.

This week they travel to San Francisco to battle the 49ers for sole rights to second place in the NFC West as they are both 3 – 2. The Cardinals have not won in San Francisco since 2008 when they had Kurt Warner playing quarterback for them.  The 49ers know that this NFC West grudge match could have a huge impact at the end of the season as both teams expect to be in the playoff hunt.

Currently 49ers tickets against the Cardinals are averaging $156 per seat, making this the cheapest 49ers home game of the season at 40.5% below their season average of $262.

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