Report: Frank Gore has choice words for Jim Harbaugh


Lost in all of the Aldon Smith taking an indefinite leave of absence drama, there were some tweets I read from Kevin Lynch that should be brought to the forefront. That is the mindset of running back Frank Gore. Lynch tweeted that after the game Gore had some choice words for Harbaugh.

After watching the game you can’t blame Frank Gore for being upset. Gore rushed for 82 on 11 carries for an average of 7.5 yard per carry. Gore then only had 3 carries in the second half and at that point the 49ers were still in the game. Not sure if it is all on Harbaugh or Roman for abandoning the run, but one thing is clear if you have Gore speaking up and showing his anger, that is not good for the locker room.

You have to wonder if maybe Harbaugh is losing the locker room?

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  • ssclesq

    Not losing, Harbaugh lost the locker room! Teams all look faster, hungrier, more determined than the 49ers.. Our team looks like the minute the other team doesn’t bend over, they expect to lose. Penalty filled, sloppy passionless football. Eddie d would fire everyone for this trash on the field. The coaches all skate, why? You mean our wr coach can’t find one decent wr to help the team get 3rd downs in 3 years? Except for Reid, what has baalke added to this team in 2 years? Quit drinking the cool aide! I’m sick of kap and Harbaugh on tv, why don’t they quit the commercials shutdafup, and concentrate on winning the Super Bowl! John Harbaugh fired his oc to win the Super Bowl. Carrol never had the talent we do, but they also never underachieved like this either. Both are obviously better coaches than Harbaugh right now. It’s time to put up and shut up Harbaugh !

    • ron

      Bet you werent saying this week 1. He hasnt lost the locker room. The niners are not without kinks on thwir armor. Limited WR core and lack of discipline. Also Roman needs to get back to calling b what we need. We have always been a rin first team. They are trying to become a pass first. Why though with three really great RB’s? Way too early yo say he lost the locker room after really his first real trying start To the season. 1-2 is okay. Helluva lot of football left to play. #FAITHFUL

  • Hoosgow

    I agree Harbaugh has lost the locker room.

  • tug

    look sure we have problems but its only week 3 and we have time to right the ship. i just hope everyone gets together and figure out the problems and how to solve them but i do agree with the fact that it was b.s that the running game was abandoned in the second half especially while was it effective in the first half