Morning After: The Kap and Q Show


The Green Bay Packers goal was to stop the 49ers rushing attack, they did a good job on that, but they failed to stop the passing attack of Colin Kaepernick and the hands of Anquan Boldin. Here is a quick look of what was being said the morning after the 49ers held on to beat Green Bay.

Niners Nation has an article which puts all the post game transcripts in a nice little package.
Joe Buck is somewhere still crying about the referees snafu on the play where Clay Matthews hit Kapernick out of bounds.
On NFL Network Deion Sanders says Colin Kaepernick is becoming the face of the game.
Since 1960, QB Colin Kaepernick became only the 2nd QB in franchise history to throw for 400 yds, 3 tds and 0 ints.
Eric Branch of the Chronicle talks about rookie Eric Reid’s performance.
Cam Inman discusses how Vernon Davis made history against the Packers.
Anquan Boldin now holds the record for most receiving yards (208) on opening day.
Colin Kaepernick’s 412 yards passing were the most in a season opener.
In the last two games the Packers have allowed 79 points, 1,073 yards and 7.2 yards a play.
Matt Barrows of the Sac Bee writes how Kap tells the Packers he can do more than run.
Colin Kaepernick: You need a better game plan than intimidation.
Kap to Boldin connection a gold mine.

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