Kaepernick looks like crap in loss to Seahawks


Well not sure what to say about this loss, except that Colin Kaepernick looked scared and he basically gave the Seahawks this game.

Kaepernick threw three interceptions and fumbled once which led to points from Seattle and from the get go he never once looked comfortable out there. Granted he got no help from his running game, but that is a moot point with the way he played.

It’s simple the Seahawks are in his head and until he beats them in Seattle, they own him.

Outside of that the defense did well keeping the game close for a while, Russell Wilson played like crap as well, but his crap was just a little better than Kap’s crap.

Along with poor offensive play, penalties killed the 49ers. Couple times they could have not given up points but for some reason they made stupid mistakes.

It’s only one game and hopefully the 49ers regroup and win the West cause playing in Seattle in January will not be fun. I’m looking forward to the rematch in December and if you are like me go get check the 49ers schedule from TicketCity and get your ticket to help rock the Stick.

Also I can’t forget the 49ers lost here 42-13 last season and still made it to the Super Bowl.

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  • Tug

    so he doesn’t walk on water…. or, if it walks like a duck…. or I believe with “Alice” the game manager under center it was 4-0 against the shehawks… or glad GB is our Biatch.

    • Battle Mage

      >implying the Seahawk team Alex faced was of the same quality…