Aldon Smith faces possible illegal firearm charges


First there was word that Aldon Smith was named in a lawsuit against someone who is saying he was shot at a party hosted by Aldon, now word has come out from the Mercury News that Aldon is possibly facing criminal charges for possessing illegal assault rifles.

[box_dark]Only days before the start of the NFL season, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is leaning toward prosecuting San Francisco 49ers star linebacker Aldon Smith on charges of possessing illegal assault rifles — charges that carry a range of possible punishments, from probation to three years in jail.

Smith bought the weapons in Arizona where they are legal, but allegedly failed to modify them to comply with California’s stricter gun laws, sources familiar with the case said. The three guns were discovered by Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies after a house party hosted by Smith and his roommate last summer, during which the linebacker was stabbed and two partygoers were shot by gang members who crashed the party.[/box_dark]

Hopefully nothing comes of this, but regardless of the outcome it is not a good time for this news to be brought up.

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  • hackphx

    The plaintiff’s attorneys have received enough information from the DA to believe criminal charges will be brought, and will try to piggy back on that proceeding. A competent counsel should be able to arrange a Nolo plea for misdemeanor weapons charge, because the DA will have trouble distinguishing between intent and ignorance as it pertains to the modification Calif requires to a gun purchased legally in AZ. Suspended sentence and probation would be my instinct. He’ll have to settle with those who were injured, and convince Goodell he has grown up.