49ers drop to 1-2 in loss to Colts


I honestly do not know what to say about this loss. It was ugly watching the team out there. I thought for a minute that we went back in time to a Mike Nolan coached team.

Scratch that it was ugly watching the offense out there and Carlos Rogers who left Reggie Wayne wide open all game.

Not sure what the hell is up with the offense but the past two games they have really looked like crap. I’m not sure if it is the wide receiving group the 49ers have or what, but Kaepernick does not look anything like he did last year and the offensive line is not doing well either.

This is the first time under Harbaugh that the 49ers have lost back to back games.

The 49ers need to serious regroup. The 49ers need to get a wide receiver who wants to get open, cause with the way Kaepernick is continuing to play the defenses will continue to stack the box.

Like I said earlier first time under Harbaugh with back to back losses and if they don’t get it together it may end up being three in a row as they travel to St Louis on a short week.

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