Preseason Wrapup – 49ers vs Chargers


The San Francisco 49ers didn’t waste any time making a good impression against the San Diego Chargers in the last preseason game of the 2013 season. The final score was 41 – 6. The offense looked pretty good on the first drive. The defense was even more impressive. They were some players that made a big time push for roster spots.

Quinton Patton continued to show that he was a diamond in the rough for the 49ers. He had a very nice catch and run for a 43 yard touchdown. Patton was able to make the catch in the middle of the field but was able to change direction so suddenly that the defender on the play almost fell over. He then accelerated down the side line as he outran all of the secondary.

Cam Johnson was the real story tonight. He had two sacks and was in the Chargers’ backfield for most of the night. Johnson constantly had pressure on the quarterback. His biggest play was on punt team when he blocked the punt and recovered it for a touchdown. The 49ers will surely have a lot to think about when they consider what outside linebackers they will keep. Look for Cam Johnson to make the roster and actually have an impact. His pass rushing skills are simply too good to risk clearing waivers.

Colin Kaepernick had a solid first series. He ended up going 3/4 for 64 yards and one touchdown, thanks to Patton. His other completions were to Vernon Davis and Marlon Moore, both for first downs.

B.J. Daniels looked very good tonight as well. He continued to show that he has command of the offense and knows exactly where he wants to go with the ball. Daniels actually looked a lot like Russell Wilson because of how well he was able to avoid getting sacked. He also showed how much of a weapon that he can be in the open field when he pulled the ball down and broke off two consecutive big runs. The second run was for 36 yards.

Daniels had two touchdowns on the night. His first one was a throw to Lavelle Hawkins across the middle. Hawkins bobbled the ball but caught it on his second attempt. Once he caught it, he was able to withstand a big hit from Jahleel Addae. After taking the big hit, he was able to reset his feet and outrun everyone for a 45 yard touchdown.

The second touchdown by Daniels was one of beauty. He set his feet after his drop and launched a perfect drop shot to Chuck Jacobs for a 14 yard touchdown. Jacobs did a great job of adjusting to the ball and making the catch. This play was very similar to the one that the duo scored on last week against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Lavelle Hawkins had the exciting touchdown catch and refused to celebrate afterwards despite being urged to do so by Quinton Patton.

Corey Lemonier’s rocket like first step was on display again as he had a sack and numerous quarterback pressures. His jump on the ball when he made his first sack was so quick that Dan Fouts, the announcer thought that he was offsides. One of Cam Johnson’s sacks came because Lemonier got to the quarterback very quickly and forced him to step up in the pocket and right into Johnson’s arms for the sack.

Jonathan Baldwin had two catches but also had a drop. It looked like he was a bit too deep in his route when he ran a curl in which the ball was thrown to a different spot but still hit his hands.

Chad Hall got some snaps on defense in the fourth quarter as a cornerback covering the slot.

Quinton Patton started the game returning kickoffs and averaged 17 yards on two returns. He field the ball seven yards deep in the end zone on his first return and eight yards deep on his second.

Michael Wilhoite continued his strong play in the presesaon as he had an interception on a play in which Cam Johnson got to the quarterback and made him throw the ball a bit earlier than he wanted to.

Andy Lee unveiled the knuckle punt that he has talked about in the past. The returner did catch the ball but it was a fair catch.

Phil Dawson missed a 52 yard field goal. The kick was wide right. It looked like he didn’t get the proper follow through which may have caused him to push the ball to the right.

Unfortunately, this game was the last for a lot of players. The rosters will have to be cut down again soon. There will be some guys getting released that can play some good football. This team is very deep and won’t be able to keep some pretty good players. Jim Harbaugh, Trent Baalke and company will have the daunting task of forming the 53 man roster while trying not to make a decision that could come back and haunt them.

Turron has followed the 49ers since 1984. Turron lives on the East Coast in the Philadelphia area, however, he travels to many home and away games. Over the years he has established many connections with SiriusXMNFL radio.