Parys Haralson Traded to the New Orleans Saints


Well that didn’t take long…

Hours after news broke that outside linebacker Parys Haralson was being shopped. The 49ers media was reporting on twitter that Parys Haralson was saying his goodbyes to his teammates. Early indication was that he was infact traded, but no reports on to whom or for what.

Cam Inman was the first to report that it was apparently the New Orleans Saints that made the trade for Haralson.

So at this time all we know is that Parys Haralson has in fact been traded and he is heading to the New Orleans Saints, what the 49ers got in return is anybodys guess at this time. If a draft pick I’ll guess maybe a 4th or 5th rounder.

The trade also saves the 49ers 1.3 mil in cap space.

Reporters also said that Haralson told Gore not to hit him to hard when they face each other this year.

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