Jim Harbaugh Officially Announces Colt McCoy as QB2


So much for those trade rumors. Funny the difference hours can make.

Not long after the 49ers beat the Vikings 34-14, Jim Harbaugh announced to the media that Colt McCoy would be the teams backup quarterback heading into the season. Whatever fire the 49ers were trying to light under McCoy’s ass apparently worked. Hours after reports were swirling that the 49ers were looking to dump Colt McCoy, he finished the night 11 of 15 for 109 yards and 1 interception. And that was apparently good enough for Harbaugh.

So with McCoy as QB2, the final preseason will feature a battle of Tolzien, Wallace and Daniels for QB3.

At the same time it wouldn’t surprise me to have Harbaugh label McCoy the No.2 to see if any team will call them up wanting a trade.

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