Four 49ers that Could Beef Up Your Fantasy Squad in the Late Rounds


The beginning of August signals the undeniably awesome fact that football is right around the corner. While there’s only one small way the 49ers can improve on last season’s outcome, there likely is a way that you can improve on the outcome of your fantasy football season.

I for one consider myself a major homer when it comes to fantasy sports. My current fantasy baseball lineup is chalk full of Giants players. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t (I’ll let you guess how it’s working out right now), and I typically follow that same strategy with fantasy football.

What I’ve figured out is focusing on late round draft picks as a homer is the best strategy. It worked last year, as I was still able to make the playoffs with a handful of 49ers on my team. In preparation for this year’s draft, I’ve compiled a fantasy football cheat sheet of 49ers that should be available in the late rounds, and who could big time help out your team in the stretch. Check it out below.

Anquan Boldin
This new addition to the Niners receiving corps should be a good addition to your fantasy team if he’s available in the late rounds. While he’s obviously passed his prime, he’s said to be developing a great rapport with Colin Kaepernick and if he shines at all like he did in last year’s postseason, he’ll be an incredible addition both to the Niners and to your fantasy team.

Marcus Lattimore
Playing in a keeper league? If so, keep your eye on the future by taking Marcus Lattimore with one of your later picks. Lattimore was destined to be a first round pick until he suffered a gruesome knee injury last year. He’s no doubt capable of becoming an NFL star and will likely eventually take over for Frank Gore down the road. Lattimore could even see action late this season, although drafting Lattimore this year is definitely a more long term decision.

LaMichael James
Harbaugh definitely had success last year throwing LaMichael James into the backfield with Kaepernick. A full offseason will give Harbaugh more time to develop a package that could bring out the full potential of James, the speedy college star from Oregon. Expect to see a lot more of James this year given his late success last year.

Vance McDonald
The 55th pick in this year’s draft, Vance McDonald should see a good amount of the field as a rookie tight end. Lining up in the slot, McDonald should be a serious threat as a tight end who is capable of making big plays after the catch. McDonald will likely spend training camp becoming used to the speed and grit of the NFL, and if he adapts well he could easily have a standout rookie season. Taking him late in your fantasy draft, or picking him up after the fact, is a wise move.

Author Ted Levin is a freelance writer and fantasy football owner currently preparing for his upcoming draft. You can connect with Ted on Twitter.

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  • Miguel Salcido

    Great post! I too have a hard time not drafting from my favorite team over the best player available. It’s usually NOT a good idea, especially with the Niners. They never seem to have high scoring fantasy players. They spread things around too much and work as a team as opposed to leaning on one player to rack up stats. But that is what makes their defense one of the best on the league!

    I too think that Boldin could be a great fantasy WR. Not sure that any one of the running backs will get enough reps to warrant a top 10 status in fantasy at the position though. But I’d bet on Kap as being one of the top, if not THE top QB in fantasy this year!