49ers Divisonal Preview


The San Francisco 49ers will enter 2013 with a major target on their backs, after reaching last year’s Super Bowl, as well as two straight NFC title games. They’ll do it with mostly the same team they’ve had the past two years, however, giving them terrific odds to get to a third straight NFC Championship game and possibly even a second straight Super Bowl.

However, it’s not going to be an easy road, regardless of what the final outcome ends up being, as the 49ers have arguably the toughest division schedule in the entire league. Not only are the Seattle Seahawks popular Super Bowl favorites, but the St. Louis Rams played the 49ers extremely hard in 2012 and split the season series, while the formerly lowly Arizona Cardinals are now looking much better on paper.

To get a better idea of where the 49ers stand heading into 2013, let’s break down San Francisco 49ers tickets for their six games within the NFC West while comparing their prices to their 2013 home game average of $211:

Home Games

The 49ers welcome Carson Palmer back to California (he played at USC, after all), but they don’t intend on making it a warm homecoming. This is a great value game at 33% below San Francisco’s home game average, but still one the 49ers should come away victorious in.

The 49ers get the Rams at home to kickoff December, and while they’re sure to be the clear favorites, there’s nothing certain about getting a win out of this one. The Rams have gotten markedly better on both sides of the ball and pushed the 49ers to the limit in both contests a year ago. This one is also another awesome bargain, coming in at 26% cheaper than the 49ers’ home game average.

This is the game most 49ers fans will be waiting for, and it comes at a crucial time of the year. San Francisco will want to be on top of their game in this one, and it’s sure to be a fight to the finish. Despite being 15% above San Fran’s usual average at home, this one is still an arguable steal, as well.

Road Games

  • (9/15) @ Seattle Seahawks | Avg: $473 | Get-in: $203

The first of two meetings with Russell Wilson and co. comes in Seattle in week two, and is by all accounts insanely priced. However, it’s not so crazy when you factor in that it’s in Seattle (where Seahawks home tickets are priced at $250 or more on average. This is also the most hyped game for Seattle in 2013 and it’s the first time these teams meet this year. Needless to say, it’s going to be a fire fight.

  • (9/26) @ St. Louis Rams | Avg: $144 | Get-in: $40

The first meeting with the Rams is arguably the one that will be the toughest, as it comes on the road against a St. Louis team that will be out to prove early that they belong near the top of the NFC West. At just $144, it’s a solid bargain for both teams involved.

  • (12/29) @ Arizona Cardinals | Avg: $165 | Get-in: $44

What we see on paper or think we know goes out the window in this potentially epic season finale. We can’t know for sure where the Cardinals or 49ers will be at this point, but we do know that division and playoff implications could be off the charts. At the moment, that makes this $165 price tag the value buy of the 49ers’ 2013 schedule.

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