49ers trade for Colt McCoy


Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the 49ers have traded for Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy. Reports are that the 49ers will give the Browns a 5th and 7th round pick and the Browns will give the 49ers, McCoy and a 6th.

The Browns spent a 3rd round pick on McCoy in 2010. Best guess is McCoy will start the season as backup to Kapernick. McCoy is under contract for one more season with a scheduled salary of $1.5 million.

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  • AndyH3712

    Sounds like a decent enough back up to me.

  • Br@ndo

    Then 3/4 into the season he will be starting QB and Kap will go the way of Alex Smith. Possible repeat of last year.

    • Kaepernick tops Colt McCoy anyday…I don’t know why we didn’t pick up a safety or at least a Tight-End that can block and receive….looking at that investment makes me rethink letting Delanie Walker go.

      • because we needed a backup QB first.. with out Smith this season Kaep needs a QB that can step in if anything happenes.. Letting walker go was bad.. but V.D is a great blocker adnw e can draft a TE int he 1st or 2nd rd..

  • dered1

    we gave up a 5th and a 7th for a 6th round pick and a backup qb not bad not great. To say a possible repeat of last year is borderline retarded.

  • i dont know if i should trust this… it’s april fools day after all

  • In Harbaugh We Trust, He knows how to pick em, and he knows how to train em!!

  • N

    sure not another one of those april fools joke?

  • Our Niners are solid how can anyone be worried?

  • Mitch from South Carolina

    Expect more moves that are salary cap savy. We have a ton of draft picks in a year where it is not a great draft class.

  • Sean

    The 5th pick the 9ers gave up and the 6th pick they got are only a few spots different, not a big deal. I think it’s a good move and Harbaugh knows what he’s doing when it comes to QB. I wish Delanie Walker didn’t get traded away as well, but that’s something they’ll have to remedy early in the draft.