49ers 2013 Game Ticket Preview


The 2013 NFL season feels like it’s drawing closer with the official release of the 49ers schedule. TiqIQ gears up for the New Year by taking a close look at San Francisco 49ers and their top-priced games as well as their best value games.

The San Francisco 49ers are likely going to be a hot ticket at home and on the road this season, as they’re coming off of a Super Bowl appearance (albeit a loss) and will march into the 2013 NFL season with the athletic Colin Kaepernick preparing for his first full season as a starting quarterback.

Beyond Kaepernick, the 49ers know they have a very physical and aggressive roster, backed by an elite and deep defense, as well as the addition of former Baltimore Ravens play-making wide receiver, Anquan Boldin. Always stalwarts in the draft, fans can also expect Jim Harbaugh and co. to be even better and deeper across the board following the 2013 NFL Draft – just one more reason for 49ers fans to get exciting about their 49ers tickets this season.

With that said, let’s dive into some specifics as we analyze the games most likely to be expensive, and the ones that could offer some great value in 2013:

49ers Home Avg: $226

Top 49ers Games For 2013

Top 49ers Value Games For 2013

It’s pretty telling for your current prestige when one of your bottom two games is against a borderline playoff contender. The 49ers face extremely talented teams with playoff potential throughout the rest of their schedule, making for a tough route to get back to the Super Bowl. Still, Jim Harbaugh and his crew are among the best, so it’d be foolish to count the 49ers out of the playoffs in 2013.
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