Report: Randy Moss will not be back with 49ers


Pro Football Talk is reporting that per a league source, 49ers free agent wide receiver Randy Moss will not be back with the 49ers for the 2013 season.

[quote]Per a league source, the Niners were making it clear at the Scouting Combine that they intend to steer clear of Moss in 2013.[/quote]

Moss played the good soldier for most of the 2012 season. That is until the week leading up to the Super Bowl, where he made it known that he wasn’t happy with his role, although he stated he understood it.

The 49ers will enter the season at wide receiver with Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, Kyle Williams and AJ Jenkins. Two of them coming off injury and the other with very limited playing time and production. Look for the 49ers to tap into the wide receiver free agent market and also address the position in the upcoming draft.

Not long after the Pro Football report surfaced Randy Moss tweeted the following.

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  • matt

    Good luck wit moss cuz he was a toss for da 9ers did nothing for us!! Laters!!!!

  • 49rjohn

    mos was nothing more than a decoy,he didnt have any (rac) always just fell down or went out f bounds!!!he said he was the best reciever ever!!!i guess he was thinking about when he was a rookie good to get hm out of here!!!!!cya