Let the Ed Reed to 49ers rumors begin


Rumors are starting to surface that the 49ers might be the favorites to add Ed Reed. Albert Breer of NFL Network reported that Ed Reed hired an agent group and he was now free to talk with teams.

Not long after that tweet, speculation began. First up was Pro Football Talk who mentioned per a source, ‘I think Ed Reed to 49ers.’ It should be noted Reed’s agent is David Dunn, who represents Harbaugh, Baalke, Roman, and some other players.

Of course that doesn’t mean it will happen, but with the trade for Boldin and his money essential going to what Goldson was looking for, the 49ers are looking for a replacement in the safety position. Ed Reed would be a perfect fit, until the 49ers fill that spot with youth.

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  • gavilan915

    That might be a good fit. Just one question on alot of peoples minds is the age factor. And of course what the structure of the deal would be. Lets see how this pans out.

  • BLazed

    Damn, John wants to make sure his bro makes it to the Super Bowl.