Jed York tweets Dashon Goldson


The franchise tag deadline came and went earlier today and not long after the deadline Dashon Goldson tweeted he feelings on not receiving the tag.

Goldson then immediately followed that tweet up with the following.

That tweet certainly got the attention of a very important person in the 49ers organization. CEO Jed York responded to Goldson’s tweet, by saying he hopes a deal can be done.

As I was reading the tweet from Jed, I noticed a tweet from someone I followed who was thinking the same exact thing I was regarding Jed’s tweet. Ruthless Sports Guy had the following to say and I couldn’t agree more.

Well played Jed, well played.

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  • mr. 49er

    I know goldson is avoid player but, did u see the sb. He did not have an impact game and i think the niners should look at both safties spots. the offices guys has to get this right, so close to a super bowl.