Free Agency: Charles Woodson and Glenn Dorsey set to visit 49ers


Free agency started earlier today and so far the 49ers have lost Delanie Walker and Isaac Sopoaga to other teams. Reports are that Dashon Goldson is being courted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are sending a private jet to pick him up. With the depature of Goldson at the safety position the 49ers need a veteran replacement. Reports are coming in that that veteran might be Charles Woodson. According to Ian Rapoport, Charles Woodson is set to visit the 49ers on Wednesday.

Woodson’s agent said that he wants to play for a contender and you can’t find a better contender than the 49ers.

Along with Charles Woodson, the 49ers are set to meet with Chiefs DT Glenn Dorsey on Wednesday as well. The 49ers need depth on the defensive line with the depature of Isaac Sopoaga and also Ricky Jean-Francois. Dorsey could give the 49ers the depth they need. Dorsey was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft and he has yet to live up to expectations. In five seasons with the Chiefs, he has only 4 total sacks.

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  • Patricia Rochester

    Good Luck Charles! I hope you get everything you want!!

  • JDouble418

    Man, I was afraid that Delanie would get away from us, s@#t!! I don’t think the Niners really realize what a loss that is for us right now! Delanie was a major contributor. I love the way that he gave 110% everytime he touched the football. I don’t understand why he would leave right now when he’s staring at a Super Bowl ring squarely in the eye. He won’t be getting that opportunity in Tennessee for a while, lol!

  • uso1959

    I don’t get it what niners are doing. Sopoaga was the heart of the defensive line. You can still use him sparingly coming off the side line. The defense got burn many times cause of no substitutions.

    • NinerPundit

      Sopoaga might have been the heart of the line, but not for $4 million a year. He didn’t play a lot of snaps towards end of the season and the 49ers have to look to the future and upcoming contracts for Kap, Crabtree, and Aldon and use the money on them and not Isaac.

  • Jason

    I beg to differ Justin Smith is the heart of the D. An although walker is good lemichael James is a multi position player….loving the direction niners are going