49ers to make a run at Darrelle Revis?


Alright, I’m done with the Revis to 49ers rumors. I’m just going quit reading about the rumors, that way I don’t get my hopes up. After the report mentioned below Chris Moretensen had this to say.

Again…we wait. I’m sure this will not be the last we hear of Revis to 49ers and regardless of what I said above, I’ll still keep reading and keeping my fingers crossed.


Update: 03.06.13 – Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News is reporting that the New York Jets do have teams interested in Darrelle Revis and that according to a source that the 49ers are in fact on that list. The same source says that Revis is ‘gone.’ Two or three teams are set to trade for Revis once free agency starts on March 12th. The 49ers and Falcons are on the list, but after the report D. Orlando Ledbetter from the Atlanta Journal Constitution had this to say.

Again…I wish March 12th would hurry up and get here.


Update: 02.28.13 – The latest on the Revis to 49ers rumors takes another turn today. Adam Schefter tweeted that Chris Mortensen says 49ers unlikely to pursue Revis at this time.

Gotta love the offseason, I’m sure we’ll continue to hear more conflicting rumors on Revis to 49ers. Just like we did with Manning last year.


02.27.13 – Just when you thought nothing could top the news of the Alex Smith trade, reports are surfacing that the 49ers are poised to make a run at New York Jets DB Darrelle Revis.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the 49ers are among the teams showing interest in Revis.

[quote]The 49ers are among a handful of teams that have discussed making a run at Revis this offseason, according to two sources. In fact, the 49ers are poised to make a run at Revis even if it’s just for one season.[/quote]

With the trade of Alex Smith the 49ers get cap relief of $8.5 million. That $8.5 million could be used towards Revis, but one thing that might be problematic is Dashon Goldson. Goldson is looking for a long-term deal and if the 49ers do not in fact tag Goldson, he’ll hit the open market and most likely hit pay dirt with another team.

One question being asked is what is Revis’ cap figure for the 2013 season. If the 49ers are just looking for a one year rental. David Fucillo of Niners Nation pointed out that Revis 2013 salary is roughly $6 million, with $3 million as an option bonus the previous team pays.

Just like the Alex Smith trade rumors, Revis Island to the 49ers will definitely continue to be talked about for days to come.

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