49ers sign safety Craig Dahl to three-year deal


The 49ers made it official today when they announced that they signed Rams safety Craig Dahl to a three-year deal. No reports on the amount of the contract. Last year Dahl made 1.2 million.

Not sure if the signing of Dahl puts an end to the rumors/pursuit of Charles Woodson, but my guess is yes. The 49ers will most likely head into training camp with Craig Dahl, Trenton Robinson and a draftee.

Baalke on Dahl:

[quote]He is an experienced veteran with excellent intangibles, who has working knowledge of the NFC West.[/quote]

and then there is this

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  • nolives

    In HarBaalke we trust, I guess… Ugh.

    • NinerPundit


  • Mtl

    Build the team through the draft not taking old players. Young hard hitting safety in the 2nd or 3rd round like Shamarko would be good. Short but fast and jumps big, hits bigger.

  • Matt

    I think it makes Woodson a bigger possibility. He can
    cover and apparently Dahl is a better run stopper. I would imagine the biggest concern with Woodson is him staying healthy all season. Dahl would be a serviceable backup if Woodson gets hurt again.

  • Todd Edwards

    I like Woodson being a Ohio man myself about a half hr away from his hometown Fremont Ohio… But we need to address that position for long term and Woodson is long in the tooth yes he can help us I’m sure but if we are going to draft a solid safety for him to tutor excellent… Dahl is good but no qb is fearing him out in the secondary he’s younger than Woodson but his career is subpar at best in my opinion