Superbowl XLVII…49ers got robbed.


Let me say if you don’t want to hear about how the refs screwed the 49ers this game, than quit reading now. I know the 49ers didn’t help themselves in the first half, but they also didn’t get any help from the zebras. This was one of the worst officiating games I have ever witnessed. From the no hold call on the Jacoby Jones touchdown, to the no hold call on Crabtree, to the no offensive pass interference call Smith, to the no hold call on the punter running out of the back of the endzone. It is safe to say that the referees screwed this team hard. And I hope Harbaugh goes off in his press conference.

You gotta give it to this team though, down 28-6 and they didn’t quit. They came back and got within 5 yards of taking the lead. I know there will be head scratching on not running the ball to get those 5 yards, especially with Haloti Ngata not in the game. Oh well, we will always have coulda, shoulda games and this is one of them.

It sucks losing, but it sucks losing when not only to you have to beat the opposition, but you also have to beat the refs. NFL wanted Ray Ray to go out on top.

Thank you 49ers for a great season, it was a roller coaster of fun and so ready for next year. So looking forward to seeing a full offseason with Kaepernick and what Baalke gets us in the draft and free agency.

Proud to be a 49ers today…

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  • peter

    Wahhhh Wahhhh ray ray.

  • Chris

    Agreed, the ref’s were paid off. The head ref was only in 3 playoff games, technically didn’t mean the minimum experience requirement to ref a superbowl. Go figure.


      Chris – So I wonder why the lights went out when the Ravens were set to score and blow the Niners out. All of a sudden, the Niners are invincible.
      It was as if the head guys in charge thought that I blow-out might be a bad thing.

      • Basharr

        I wonder why you think the lights going out changed the game? Both teams were affected exactly the same. How doe the lights going out mean the 49ers got an edge? Did they run plays in the dark and score? No they carried on and like they did in the playoffs leading up to this game Down to Green Bay, Down to Atlanta both comebacks and the lights stayed on. Go start your Light-Gate somewhere else…lol

        • NINERX4LIFE

          I an a die hard niner fan since mt dad used to listen to their first Superbowl on a record player…yes that long ago..I been thru the bad and good and probably so have alot of you..was I pissed hell yeah..I was tired of hearing about Ray Lewis…But,I also call it like I see it..we made alot of mistakes during the game…I am barely coming to grips cause the streak was also broken of winning Superbowls.We cannot make excuses though shoulda,woulda,coulda…I am still down for the NINERS and I would sure love for us to pick up REVIS cause we need a shutdown corner like we went after Deon and went to the Superbowl the very next year…GO NINERS….

        • john

          Baltimore had all momentum before the lights went out. It was worst for the ravens than the 9ers. Why didn’t crabtree throw his hands up when the didn’t get the call at the end? because he made the contact, he thought it was going to be a jump ball type play and kap read it differently, he also stiff armed the corner while the ball was in the air. If the game was fixed, it was fixed to make it closer, the 9ers should have been blown out if anything the nfl saved u from humiliation

      • Johnish

        the lights went out when the niners had the ball on 3rd down you idiot. Which the Ravens promptly stopped when play resumed. The Ravens played like shit and made mistakes all over the field in the second half , the same way the 49ers did in the first half.

  • Zsick

    You’re a retard.

  • The worst part is seeing that psychotic Ray Lewis win.

  • Regardless is was a(nother) failure of coaching for the 49ers. Maybe coaching the staff will improve next year. It looked to me like in the last games, the 49ers came awake when the players took over from the coaches.

  • Awful awful officiating the entire game. 49ers dug themselves a deep hole, but to fight all the way back, be on the 5yd line in the 4th qtr a TD away from a SB win and have bad playcalling, bad time management and bad officiating all happen…wow. Monkey screwed the football hard right there. We will be back though, no doubt about it.

  • Not only that did u not notice the clock continues to run while Keap was out of bounds? They were robbed 15 seconds

  • Larry

    the ball was five yards out of bounds at the end he could nit of cought it you all are abounch of crybabys

    • Jeff B

      I’m not sure if you’ve watched this game before. Over his head doesn’t matter for holding. Although, he was only a step or two short of catching it. I’m not sure if you understand where the boundary lines are 😛

  • I agree. Terrible officiating there at the end…(Crabtree)..but what’s done is done. We will pick ourselves back up. Watch out next year, it will be the year of the Niners!

    • basharr

      Thats right we will pick ourselves up and be a force to reckon with again next year. The plus is no more Ray Lewis egomania plastered all over our screens.

  • truetrue85

    You know, a lot can also be about the power conveniently going out when the Ravens were on the verge of running away with the game following a 2nd down sack to set up 3rd and 13 with a 28-6 lead. Lets also not forget that the 49ers were only in the super bowl due to a missing holding call on an incomplete 4th down pass to Roddy White in Atlanta that very well could have put Atlanta in the super bowl. Fitting that the same blown call that got the 49ers to the big dance, is what ultimately put an end to their “quest for 6”.

  • honeyboohoo

    You are the reason they are called Forty-whiners

  • J D’Amore

    Not a Niners or Ravens fan but I agree, Niners got this game taken from them by horrendous officiating

  • dte828

    HAHA. keep whining.

  • P

    The calls were consistant through out the game, they let the players play. You could go the other way too, the late hit out of bounds on Flacco that wasn’t called comes to mind. The Crabtree play at the end looked like he made the contact with the corner to “post up”, also had a hand on the corner’s helmet, but most of all he didn’t react like there was a hold. All recievers throw thier hands up when held or even when not held and crabs didn’t. Most of all the blackout was clearly a result of the NFL trying to make the game close, which is fine as long as the team that won deserved to win, should have been a blowout though. For the 9ers it’s the start of something and for the Ravens it’s the ending.

    • Johnish

      how the hell can you say that when on the previous Ravens drive they called a BS pass interference on Culliver to give the Ravens a 5 point lead. It would have been consistant had the MADE the call against Jimmy Smith. Niners got screwed. Ed Reed damn near lines up completely on the Niners side of the ball on the 2pt conversation ?? nah thats fine , Replay clearing showing Jimmy Smith with a handful of jersey ON THE SIDE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LINE REF, nah thats fine. Culliver touches a guy as he runs straight into him , and thats a PI.

      Ya , enjoy that ring along with your double murder charges Ray, have a good retirement.

  • Yes it was one of the worse game i seen the refs call a game.The last no hold on the 49’s reciever in the end zone while the ball was in the air,should of gave the 49’s first and gold with about 1:39 in the game.I’am not a 49’s fan,but i was pulling for them since they were a california team,and i being from southern california.I kind of thinking this game was fixed.

  • jmezy69

    But if they won nobody would have said nothing about the power outage helping the 49ers they were dead in the water. all that hold the get away with yeah right should have ran the ball at least once. plus u cant put the game on a fade for the superbowl. no matter what it feels good go ravens…. sb mvp #5 joe flacco

  • h82stop

    BOO HOO HOO.. Oh we got robbed. Bunch of wyners

    • Joe “Eddie Munster” Flacco

      The “PRAY”-vens won’t even sniff the ‘Bowl next year.

  • mattware

    It’s important to let go of the anger. A great team beat us and took advantage of our mistakes. This team inspires me. This team gives me pride. They believe in themselves and trust each other. As a result, I believe I am a better person having experienced their journey.

  • The last time we had the ball, we should have had Kaep bootleg it, we would have scored to possibly win. Their defense wouldn’t be ready for it!

  • John

    Don’t see any comments on that running into the kicker call which gave the 9ers 3 points. That was an awful call. It was great acting by Akers jumping up in the air and falling on top of the Ravens player acting like his leg was hit, but oh ya its the niners whining about the bad calls against them not the ones that were for them…..

  • realist

    yea from a niner fan,, stop whining you lost.

  • Basharr

    It was a hell of a game, the 49ers showed they belonged in that game when commentators were already writing them off in the first half. But I agree the Refs lost this game for the 49ers. We had a great season, we now see we once again have a great QB and I am stating here today same time next year we will be hoisting the lombardi trophy. On a side note, I am glad I don’t have to hear about Ray Lewis anymore. Seriously the league made the entire superbowl about him, his crying, his praying, his dance, his addiction to attention. The man can play football and did for a number of years quite well, so does 85% of the league. Good Bye Mr. Lewis, have a great retirement and let the league focus on football again. Yesterday should have been about two teams instead of one man. If the league focused on officiating as much as they did Lewis maybe there would be less complaints about the zebras blowing the day.

  • hey why dont we start a deal where refs get fine for no calls and bad calls bet that crap will slow down then let do this player get fined coaches get fined come on why are they better than anybody else


    It sure looked like Crabtree was doing some contact of his own, using his hand on the DB’s helmet and pushing him down. If anything, the Refs next year will give all the calls to whiny Hairball every time he complains. Throughout the game he kept throwing tantrums on the sideline….fine example of a head coach. As much as I dislike the Patriots, you don’t see Belichek doing that.

    • No your right, Belichick Just Straight up CHEATS

  • Ravens suck

    yeah let a murderer win the superbowl. BS

  • ram

    why blame the refs! u didn’t mention the lights going out after the return kick 4 a touch down. the ravens had the momentem. what a coincedence, especially when it happened at another 69er game against seahawks. the better team won, period

  • They did not get robbed! They got smacked for being too arrogant and too “cool”. Humble Alex Smith would have won that game. Fucking sore losers! That’s what you get when you bash the very community that supports you — anti gay Culiver — and that’s wheat you get when you disrespect your fellow players who already have Super Bowl rings — what did you do, Moss?

  • The Ravens where given a Charity Championship. It boggles my mind how one is on trial for double murder gets awarded, theft-by-ref, something so significant. And what’s worse, is that he (Lewis) didn’t even make any big plays in the game. I guess knowing that it was going to go in their favor regardless, he felt he didn’t have to. Ray Lewis, ring by charity will never make you a champion.

  • prlacosse

    I agree the 49ers won the game they got cheated they will be back stronger than ever. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Delaney walker and family

  • Eric

    As a fan of football, everyone should objectively know the 9ers NEVER had the game to begin with. Yes, they had a CHANCE to win through a serious and miraculous comeback, which started with a 30+ min timeout, on a 3rd and long, after the Ravens already started to put the game away with a kick return. Conveniently very few 9er backer mentions without that delay, realistically the Ravens will get points at best, at worst flip field position. While burning at least 2-3 min, if not most all of the 3rd in the process. In the end, the 9ers have to TAKE THE GAME OF THE FIELD before it can be taken away from them by the refs. 9ers begin the game with a punt, Raven’s go up and never trail. They never had the game, so the statement of “not only to you have to beat the opposition, but you also have to beat the refs” is not quite the right reason they lost.

  • Danny25

    I dont get how raven fans say the game was called equal when clearly there were penalties to b called. I guess their in denial like the refs!!!!

  • Die Hard Niner Fan !

    Niners got screwed, worst officiating game I’ve ever seen in my life ! I’m tired of hearing the wildcard Raven fans making excuses for the bad play calling, by saying it was called consistently all game, that’s bull ! The only play they can think of is the late hit on Flacco out of bounds, and thats the ONLY play ! Their were countless plays the Niners got robbed on. Also the Ravens weren’t hot in the second half at all before the blackout, that punt return should have been called back to begin with bcuz the Ravens players bear hugged two Niners players and held them, preventing them from making the tackle, Reed being offsides by a mile, Crabtree being hit in the head causing helmet to helmet contact in the second to last play(almost knocking his helmet off), the whole Ravens team holding the Niners players on the safety, and the list goes on ! All the Ravens did was throw hell marry passes all through the playoffs, and bcuz of bad DB coverage by the Broncos and Niners, they advance. Their garbage and will never make it back to the Super Bowl this decade, period, lol ! If we draft to build up our DB’s and grab a deep threat receiver, we’ll be UNSTOPPABE !

    • Danny25

      I agree. Also blame the nfl for putting that crew together!!! I hope the ravens send the refs rings cuz they deserve it!!!