Dashon Goldson: To tag or not to tag

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday was the day that teams are allowed to place the franchise tag on one of their players if they wish. The one player the 49ers need to decide if they want to place the tag on is Dashon Goldson. Last season the 49ers place the tag on the free agent safety and this season, the decision is not as simple. [pullquote_right]…no security in it. I think I’ve done what I’ve had to do to deserve a second contract, period. [/pullquote_right]

Goldson is already on record stating that he would prefer not to be tagged and Jim Harbaugh has stated that Goldson deserves the money he should get.

Now the dilemma is do they tag Goldson or don’t they.  [pullquote_left]The franchise tag, it’s cool…but everybody wants security.[/pullquote_left]It was mentioned today that if Goldson gets tagged, then the team will most likely have to release Alex Smith and let him walk without anything in return. With the $8.5 million due to Smith and the tag price for Goldson, the 49ers can’t afford to have both under the cap. Smith’s salary puts the 49ers over the cap, but they can’t trade him until March 12th at 4:00pm.

They have until March 4th to tag Goldson; however, they both can’t be on the roster on March 12th. The most likely outcome is the 49ers will not tag Goldson. They will begin to work out a long-term contract and hope to trade Alex Smith.

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