Cardinals now in the mix for Alex Smith?


Just when you thought the trade rumors for Alex Smith ended with the Kansas City Chiefs, reports have come out today that the Arizona Cardinals are now exploring the possibility of trading for his services.

Kent Somers of AZ Central mentions the following
[box_dark]The Cardinals are exploring the possibility of trading for 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, according to an NFL source, but no deal is in place.

It’s unknown how serious the Cardinals are about trading for a quarterback for the second time in less than two years. But they are intrigued by Smith’s experience, intelligence and talents, according to the source. They believe much of his struggles early in his career can be attributed to changes in coaches and offensive systems.[/box_dark] Along with the Somers’ report, Adam Schefter just mentioned the following on NFL Network.
[box_dark]What the 49ers found at the combine…is that there is actually a robust trade market for QB Alex Smith; there was more interest than even they expected. The Chiefs are interested…Cardinals…and the 49ers wouldn’t bog at dealing in the division…but at this point and time, there is no doubt that when next month rolls around the 49ers will have a trade partner for Alex Smith.[/box_dark]

March 12th can not get her fast enough…

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