2013 Free Agents


Moving on…

Here are the 49ers 2013 Free Agents.

  • WR Randy Moss
  • WR Ted Ginn
  • TE Delanie Walker
  • OG Leonard Davis
  • DT Isaac Sopoaga
  • DL Ricky Jean-Francois
  • OLB Clark Haggans
  • ILB Tavares Gooden
  • ILB Larry Grant
  • S Dashon Goldson
  • S Darcel McBath (RFA)
  • CB Tramaine Brock (RFA)

Of the players above the players I think the 49ers should re-sign are Goldson, Walker, Rick Jean and maybe Larry Grant.

If the 49ers can not come to an agreement with Goldson, look for him to be tagged again. The franchise tag price would cost $7.45 million.

Delanie Walker may not have shown the best hands this season, but his versatility and ability to block are worth keeping around.

Before the Superbowl, I wanted Randy Moss brought back, but watching him seem not to care out there. I don’t want him back. Bring in another veteran, maybe Boldin. Draft another WR and call it a day.

Brock and McBath are RFA. If they are tendered, I expect it to be for a late round pick.

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  • cyberfyed

    I agree with who you think should be kept except I think Sopoaga is better than Ricky Jean … Delanie Walker is a BEAST in the run and pass blocking scheme … they need to trust him more … I know he can make big plays !


    Out of the 49ers free agent package.. We need to keep Isaac Sopoaga, Delaine Walker and Goldson. But Goldson is making a stink bout his contract. We should go after Greg Jennings and a safety and a corner. Alex Smith would help in this trade. Smith for a corner!