Worst Packers Fan Preview Smack Talk Video Ever

The video is titled Packers vs 49ers Divsional Playoffs Hate Week and I have to say this may be one of the worst fan made videos ever. Enjoy…

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  • Alex chiodi

    Collin kaepernick isn’t a rookie retart and u can’t talk shit if your team lost to the packers a week before the NFC championship you look like a pedofile

  • Gold Rush88

    Aaron Rodgers will be on the ground most of the game. watch his frustration level. Guarantee a Packer gets INJURED Saturday!! Who is His backup anyway?? Better hope its not him! Fuck Green Bay!!! 15-1 last year for NOTHING!! Remember if they beat NY, we never wouldve lost to em. Retard!! Smfh

  • John Lewis

    This video is hilarious