Wisconsin Born Kaepernick Beats Cali Born Rodgers

Sorry about your homecoming Aaron Rodgers. I’m sure one of these days you’ll be able to win in San Francisco. All the talk heading into this game was about Aaron Rodgers homecoming, how the 49ers were going to be upset they didn’t draft him back in 2005. Yes, that is right, Rodgers is still crying 7 years later. Well Aaron that was before Harbaugh’s time and he drafted Colin Kaepernick, who outperformed you all across the board. Even gifting your team a pick 6.

The second year in a row, the 49ers head to the NFC Championship Game. It will either be played in Atlanta next Sunday or San Francisco. I’m not going to waste much time typing, going to celebrate. So I’ll leave it with some statistics.

  • Kaepernick rushed for 181 yards and 2 touchdown. The 181 yards was a post season record by a QB and also a franchise record for 49ers.
  • Kaepernick threw for 263 and 2 touchdowns.
  • Frank Gore rushed for over 100, the first time with Kaepernick at QB.
  • 49ers had 500+ total yards a franchise post season record.
  • Michael Crabtree had 119 and 2 touchdowns.
  • Since the opening drive pick 6, the 49ers had 6 TDs and a FG in 9 drives.
  • State Farm stock plummeted.
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  • Basharr

    I think by now people should be agreeing that Harbaugh made the right choice going with Kaep. He threw a pick early and never looked back, he brought it by air and on the ground. Looking forward to next week, no matter who we face it is on.

    • NinerPundit

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • SFGM

    “Not as sorry as they will be that they didnt draft me” I like you Aaron, but eat shit.

  • Bryan Clark

    Hey hold the champange corks we aint got the deed done yet remember last year what s up with Aldon Smith? How bad he hurt Be careful of the pentalties offensive line was massive well rested team no injuries in the game AJ Jenkins? What the f? First rounder i like our chances so save the party party stuff please bring us seattle fk pete whats your deal carol n get ready for the harbaugh bowl