The Alex Smith Saga


If you just started following 49ers football yesterday, you would have heard breaking news from’s Ian Rapaport that current backup Alex Smith will not be a member of the 49ers next season. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

If you have followed 49ers football for at least the last seven years, you knew this time would eventually come and you also knew as soon as Colin Kaepernick lit it up against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, that Alex Smith’s career as a 49er would be over.

We have heard this week that after the Superbowl Alex Smith would ask the team to release him. Alex denied that report. Now we have Ian Rapaport plastered all over NFL Network stating that Alex will not be a member of the 49ers next season and that the team will try and trade him. If that does not happen, they’ll grant his release.

Not long after the news broke of the Alex Smith saga, CEO Jed York spoke with Pro Football Talk and mentioned that he would love to keep both Kap and Smith.

“I hope he’s with us,” York said. “From a cap standpoint, we have the room to be able to keep him. One quarterback is usually not enough to get you through a season. And to have two guys which the Niners had in Steve [Young] and Joe [Montana] for a long time, there’s no reason why you can’t have two guys on your team. And I hope we can find a way to make that happen.”

With that, I say well played York, well played. Teams around the league know the 49ers will not keep both Kap and Smith on the roster, but with York saying what he did it will at least make teams think just a little and that makes a trade much more likely. The teams you’ll hear in connection with Smith will be the Chiefs, Jaguars, Cardinals, Eagles and Vikings.

Now we just sit back and wait and once Superbowl if over, the Alex Smith saga should get more interesting.

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